Welcome Canadian Neighbors

To Our Canadian Neighbors,

Are you looking for a Recreational Vehicle or Cargo Trailer? Brewbaker’s has many RVs or Cargo Trailers in stock for you to choose from.  Brewbaker’s is one of the closest Dealers, and we have many satisfied Canadian Customers.

How hard is it to get back across the Canadian Border with your New or Used Recreational Vehicle or Cargo Trailer? It’s actually pretty easy, all you need are these three items listed below:

  1. A Clear Certificate of Title
  2. A Bill of Sale for the Recreational Vehicle or Cargo Trailer
  3. A Letter From the Manufacturer Indicating No Outstanding Recalls

When you reach the Canada and United States Border, customs will collect the GST (Goods and Services Tax), which is based on the Bill of Sale Total and check to make sure you have the above items. That’s It Your On Your Way!!

Brewbaker’s also has delivery available for your Recreational Vehicle or Cargo Trailer that you purchase from us.

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