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Required RV Maintenance

Tips and Tricks of the trade, to get the most out of your RV. 


Spring check-ups are recommended each year after the camper comes out of storage or before its first use.  This includes checking all major systems and appliances including LP, electric, plumbing and drains, and the condition of other elements such as the roof and seals.

At Least Twice Per Year:

  • Seals should be inspected every 90 days, examine caulking, seals and sealants on roof, corners, windows, doors and compartments. Make sure seals are intact and that there is no evidence of moisture. If you find interior moisture, trace the source, reseal that area and recheck the spot after the next rain. A good rule of thumb is to inspect when taking out the storage in the spring and before putting it away for the winter. The single most important maintenance you can perform to keep your RV in good condition is to inspect and maintain exterior caulking and sealants.
  • Scrub awning, allow to dry thoroughly before rolling up. Special awning cleaners are safe for vinyl and will help get rid of mildew.
  • Install new batteries in smoke and CO detectors, remotes, etc.
  • Lubricate hitch components

Routine Care for Your RV:

  • Tires exposed frequently/ constantly to sunlight should be covered, and when parked on soft surfaces should have wood pads under tires.
  • Exterior Maintenance – periodically washing your RV will help keep it looking nice longer. Use a specialized cleaning product or mild dish soap such as Dawn. Long handled wash brushes are available in our parts catalog. A coat of RV Wash and Wax will not only help retain a “like new” appearance, but will also make future washing easier and prevent bugs and road grime from to help you maintain the exterior beauty of your RV. Be sure to wash after each trip, especially if your RV is exposed to road salt. Don’t forget the underside, steps, frame, and other areas that will rust if exposed to salt. Black streaks may be pretreated with a specialized cleaner available in our store, or with an all-purpose cleaner such as 409 or Simple Green. 
  • Lubricate the entry step(s) every 30-60 days using dry silicone lubricant. Lubricate the door strikers on the entry door and baggage compartments every 90 days. Awning arms, slide mechanisms and other items may need lubrication yearly or occasionally as well.
  • Rusty metal on steps, bumper, or A-frame may be painted with rust inhibiting spray paint. Scrape first with a wire brush or sandpaper to remove heavy rust.
  • Rubber roofs need some special maintenance beyond checking the seals at least twice a year. If you wish to clean it, you can use a mild soap and wash brush or a specialized rubber roof cleaner. Washing your roof will also help prevent black streaks. You should also treat at least once a year with special rubber roof treatment. This will help protect from UV ray exposure and prevent the premature deterioration of your roof. Take extreme care when washing any roof, as they become slippery.
  • Check refrigerator exterior access and vent for bird nests; clean out if needed.
  • Keep the interior clean and keep blinds/ curtains closed when not in use to prevent fading.